Did Espresso Gain in Popularity Due To George Clooney?

Espresso George Clooney

There are movie stars and there are movies stars, and then there is George Clooney.

Right now, George Clooney is a major Hollywood player of such iconic status, his presence lends an air of utter glamour to any project he’s involved in.

That’s why Clooney’s appearance in a series of commercials for Nespresso coffee definitely drew attention to the brand, and espresso drinking in general.

The Advantages of Hollywood Glamour

Yes, Clooney is a major star, the kind of star people know and recognize immediately, whether he’s opening a Disney film or showing up on reruns of “ER.” In fact, he’s so famous, a lot of people just refer to him as “Clooney.” He’s the kind of star who really has it all. He’s handsome, intelligent, sexy, and he has integrity. That’s the kind of cultivated glamor that major beverage brands pay a lot to be associated with. Nespresso obviously knew what they were doing when they called on Clooney to act as an overseas brand ambassador for their espressos and espresso makers.

The Beverage that Everyone Loves

There’s no getting around the enduring popularity of coffee. Since the first coffee drinkers starting enjoying that wonderful morning “cup of Joe” many centuries ago, people all around the world have been attracted to the wonderful sensation of sipping this deep and complex caffeinated beverage. Yet today coffee is even more popular than ever. Is it the Clooney effect?

That Espresso Jolt

A quick look around almost any city street today attests to the very vibrant popularity of coffee and espresso. Starbucks alone has done a sort of world takeover of the U.S. cafe scene, and add to that the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tully’s and Peets, and it’s obvious that the special jolt espresso provides is not going away soon. Is it all because of George?

Way Back Before Starbucks

Yes, coffee and espresso drinks are more popular than ever, and there’s an argument to be made that the popularity of espresso has had a boost due to Clooney’s ads for Nepresso. Yet there has to be more to it than that. Does anyone remember the days before Starbucks?

The Coffee Drinks of Old

Before Starbucks staged a U.S. takeover in the late 80’s, the espresso world was confined to hipster coffee houses in sophisticated cities like Berkley, San Francisco and New York (or so it seemed). The rest of the civilized world had rejected espresso and brewed coffee as the work of the devil. Caffeine had a bad rap as an unhealthy, stress inducing beverage, and housewives chose powdered decaf as a more healthy alternative. Then Starbucks came along and changed the world. Other coffee companies followed, and then Clooney started advertising espresso.

Do The Math

Millions of Starbucks cafes, thousands of espresso machine commercials, plus a major movie star. What does it all add up to? Do the math. Last year perennial bachelor George Clooney got married, and the coffee drinking world swooned. George Clooney just starred in a major film from Disney, and has more films due out soon. Espresso drinks are selling like gangbusters.

Coincidence? The talk now is that Clooney and his bride will soon be parents. Espresso sales continue to be strong everywhere. Let’s face it, there’s no coincidence here. Once that baby arrives, espresso sales will be off the chart. Thanks George!