Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Machine

This is a hand press that, with a little strength and some hot water, will make you an good espresso in situations where you can’t just run out and get one.

It is perfect for camping trips, when you are stuck in the office, or just aren’t near a coffee shop.

The reviewers rated this expresso machine at four out of five stars.


To use this machine, all you have to do is pump it, similar to a bike pump, and it will get up to 232 PSI, which is far more than the usual 116-145 PSI that is normally need for making an espresso. This espresso machine is considered a hybrid because it can work with either the ready made E.S.E. espresso pods, which are little packets of ground espresso that cut out the mess and bother of dealing with coffee beans, grounds, and hot water, or you can use loose espresso grounds. When you use a finer coffee ground and hotter water, you will get creamier froth. The pods make a decent froth even in a cold cup of espresso, just warm up the cup and the froth will stay longer.


Handpresso Wild HybridThis espresso machine is made of aluminum, and comes with filters for when you are using ground coffee and it comes with an E.S.E. adapter to use with the E.S.E. pods. It is easy to maintain with little or no clean up involved. It will brew espresso with 16 bars of pressure and the water reservoir will hold 50 milliliters of water. You can get the Handpresso in silver or black.


It is 4 inches high and 5 inch wide and weighs just over a pound.

Safety Measures

Has a button to tell you when the water is hot. Has a cap for protection so there is no mess.


Convenient, inexpensive, is portable, and is a good buy. It is easy to use; it works well wherever you are whether you are camping, at the office, RVing, or wherever. It is top rated and compact and the cover comes off easily. You can buy the optional thermos that has an inside thermometer and will tell you on the cap if the water is still hot enough to top off your cup of espresso and is easy to clean. It comes with filters to use for the ground coffee. This machine is a great buy and is on sale at Amazon at the time of writing so hurry up before the sale ends.


It sometimes will pop and bubble towards the end of the process of making espresso, so be careful. The crema isn’t as much as what you would get from a machine, but it works pretty well for not being a full machine. The amount of crema varies with the temperature of water you use, the quality of the espresso pods you use or the ground coffee used. Messing with the filter at your desk can be messy and the machine can get clogged up when using ground coffee, so you have to clean it out.


It comes with a one year warranty.


After reading the reviews, I think this is one of the best hand espresso machines out there. This is an inexpensive way to have espresso every day without the wait or expense of Starbucks and would definitely pay or itself in no time with te money and time you would save.. If you go to Amazon, you will see it is discounted right now in fact it is on sale at the time of writing this review. It is small enough that you can carry it in your purse, briefcase, or travel bag and will fit into your desk so you can take it anywhere to use.

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