La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Espresso Machine Review

La Pavoni EPC-8 Best Espresso Maker

I love espresso.

Rich, dark, full-flavored espresso is one of the most satisfying drinks out there at any time of the day.

Being able to make a cup at home is a great luxury.

This means that I’m always on the lookout for new espresso machines, and La Pavoni’s 8 Cup espresso machine is a model that I am eager to try.


La Pavoni EPC-8This machine is built to last, while giving a perfect cup of delicious espresso every time. La Pavoni is a company name synonymous with quality, and in this product they have truly outdone themselves. They strive to produce nothing less than the highest quality espresso, and the Europiccola appears to deliver.


The Europiccola is made of steel and brass and has a triple-plated chrome coating. It is steam powered and operated by pistons. Internal thermostats constantly monitor temperature and reset the pistons in order to maintain consistent pressure. It includes an automatic milk foamer, measuring spoon, and two stainless steel filter baskets. Its lever design is easy to operate, and up to eight cups of espresso can be produced simultaneously. It features a removable drip tray and a twenty ounce, removable water tank for easy cleanup. The Europiccola has a traditional steam wand.


La Pavoni’s Europiccola is 12″ high, 7″ wide, and 11″ deep.

Safety Measures

As with any coffee machine, the Europiccola produces extremely hot liquid. Care should always be taken when handling any potentially hot components in order to avoid potentially serious burns. With steam powered machines special caution should be used to ensure all pressurized components are secure before use.


This espresso machine enables great control over the final product produced because of the manual lever. It’s almost entirely constructed of metal, making it very durable. The Europiccola also heats quickly and its small size doesn’t require much counter space. It is easy to clean and maintain, and features a tank with a visible water level.


The manual lever allows greater control, but some experimentation is needed to produce a perfect cup of espresso consistently. The steam nozzle doesn’t move, meaning milk is steamed close to the boiler. Due to the pressurized system, the machine must be completely cool for the tank to be refilled.


The Europiccola has a 1-year warranty.


As an avid lover of espresso and an admirer of La Pavoni’s products, the Europiccola 8 Cup Lever-Style Espresso Machine is one contraption that I am eager to try. Between its excellent customer reviews, intriguing features, and convenient size, this espresso machine is sure to dazzle every morning.

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